Registered Agent Service for Your LLC

Streamline your LLC's operations with our registered agent service—ensuring compliance, privacy, and expert support across states!

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Everything You Need to Keep your Business Compliant

Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with our hassle-free legal and tax document handling.

Privacy Protection

Ensure privacy with sensitive document handling at our dedicated address.

Avoid Missed Deadlines

A registered agent service will receive and process all official documents and notify you promptly..

National Coverage

Expand effortlessly across states with our registered agent service providing consistent legal representation wherever you operate.

Registered Agent Services

  • All In One Plan
    • Monthly Subscription for Full Back Office Support
    • Everything Included:
      ✓ Registered Agent
      ✓ Unlimited Bookkeeping Transactions
      ✓ Work with Bookkeeping and Tax Experts
      ✓ Federal Tax Filings
      ✓ State Annual Reports and Franchise Taxes
      ✓ In-Platform Filings

      $149 USD

      Per Month All Inclusive

Registered Agent FAQs

Who will be my registered agent?

Hatchly will be your registered agent.

When will I get the address for my registered agent?

After your LLC registration is complete, we will provide you with the address of your Registered Agent. 


Can people visit my registered agent address?

The Registered Agent address is for the purpose of receiving legal and official correspondence. It cannot be used as a physical location for your business operations, or for client visits.


Can I get a utility bill for my registered agent address?

Unfortunately, no. 


We recommend using Virtual Post Mail's TrueLease service if you need a lease agreement and utility bill for banking verification.

Find out more about Virtual Post Mail's TrueLease here: 

Can I use my personal address as the registered agent

Unfortunately, no. The registered address is already included as part of our package.

Can I list the registered agent address on my business website?

Yes, the registered agent address can be listed on your business website.

What does it mean if another business is using the same registered agent address?

Sharing a registered agent address with other businesses is a standard practice, as registered agents often serve multiple businesses.

Can I purchase my registered agent address as a standalone service?

No, this service is part of our LLC registration package and is not available separately. 


How can I communicate directly with my Registered Agent?

If you choose to directly contact your Registered Agent, we can help make that switch. But, be aware that doing so means you won't have access to our compliance services like tax filings and bookkeeping.


Can the registered agent represent me as a director in the United States?

No, our registered agent service is for managing legal and official mail for your LLC, not for acting as a director or manager in your company.



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