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Everything You Need to Manage Your Federal Tax Filings

Federal Tax Filings

File your US LLC taxes confidently with our federal tax filing service.

Document Preparation

We handle all your document preparation, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Digital Signatures

Securely sign your tax documents online, from anywhere, at any time.

E-Filings and Faxes

Speed up your filing process with our efficient electronic filings and fax services.

Federal Tax Filings

  • Pay As You Go
    • Zero Revenue                                 $249

      $1 - $25,0000                                  $349

      $25,0000 - $50,000                        $625

      $50,001 - $100,0000                  $1,200

      $100,001 - $150,000                  $2,300

      $150,001 - $200,000                  $3,300

      $200,000 +                 Contact Support

  • All In One Plan
    • Monthly Subscription for Full Back Office Support
    • Everything Included:
      ✓ Unlimited Bookkeeping Transactions
      ✓ Work with Bookkeeping and Tax Experts
      ✓ Federal Tax Filings
      ✓ State Annual Reports and Franchise Taxes
      ✓ Registered Agent
      ✓ In-Platform Filings


      $149 USD

      Per Month All Inclusive

Federal Tax Filing FAQs

Am I required to file federal taxes as a nonresident LLC owner?

Yes, as a nonresident owner of an LLC in the U.S., you must file various forms annually with the IRS. This is a part of what is generally referred to as federal taxes, and it helps you comply with U.S. regulations.

When is my federal tax filing due?

If your LLC is a single-member LLC or a C-Corporation, your federal tax filing is due by April 15. For partnerships and S-Corporations, the deadline is March 15.

Can I file my federal tax through an external service?

Yes, you can file your federal taxes through external services. At Hatchly, our accounting and tax filing software is among the best in the market, offering competitive prices without locking you into our platform. You are free to choose any service you prefer.

How can I estimate my federal tax fee?

To get a quick and accurate estimate of your federal tax fee, we suggest using our easy-to-use tax calculator. Please visit this link to access the tool: Hatchly Tax Calculator

Do you provide expert assistance for federal tax filing?

Yes, we have a team of tax experts who meticulously prepare your federal tax forms. We will provide the forms to you for review and signature before they are submitted to the IRS.

Do I need to file federal taxes if my company had zero revenue?

Yes, you are still required to file federal taxes with the IRS, even if your company did not generate any income or revenue in the previous year.

Can I speak with a tax expert if I have questions?

Of course! To arrange a one-on-one consultation with our tax expert, please visit this link to schedule a meeting: 30-minute Tax Consultation

Can I file my federal tax after the due date?

Yes, you can still file your federal taxes after the due date. However, if you do not file a federal tax extension, you might face penalties from the IRS.

What is a tax extension?

A tax extension is an official request to the IRS that gives you an extra six months to file your tax return. This can be particularly useful if you need more time to ensure that your tax documents are accurate and complete.

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